Jobbik for Hungary

Scare-mongering marches, stomping boots, uniforms, neo-Nazi symbols, antisemitism. This is the image circulating in the Western press of the Jobbik for Hungary Movement (in short: Jobbik), and because of this, many believe it to be some far-right hoofed devil. It has been the political interest of the Hungarian left-liberal circles and now also of the current government to portray Jobbik as a dangerous far-right party. But the reality is that Jobbik is the strongest opposition party, and the second strongest party in Hungary. This doesn’t mean though that far-right ideologies are gaining in strength in Hungary. The Orbán government, which has been in power since 2010, perfected the corruption mechanism of the left-socialist governments, centralising power with a clique of party cadres. The Jobbik for Hungary Movement has become the government-replacing alternative which could take the place of this new elite. Continue reading “Jobbik for Hungary”